The Leading Provider of long term narrowboat accommodation

Who are Escape the Rat Race?

  • We were the first company to specialise exclusively in long term narrowboat breaks and are now celebrating our 10th year.

  • Longer cruises of this kind are different to a couple of weeks hire - requiring specialised understanding of what is needed. Unlike a boat booked with us, many long term hire arrangements are uninsured and often illegal.

  • Our boats are correctly licensed and fully insured for what we do. You simply put down a deposit against breakage/damage and pay a monthly fee to occupy the boat. While on board, Escape the Rat Race looks after you, providing maintenance and servicing as required. You are simply responsible for your consumables: gas, diesel etc.

  • Our boats are carefully prepared and set up for living aboard. We always welcome you aboard for your escape with complimentary wine and a few nice goodies to get you started.

  • You can go anywhere on the connected Canal system in England and Wales - Many other boats only travel along common tourist routes.We give you the freedom to travel where you wish, winding your way along many different canals and rivers.

How did it all come about?

The company was begun by two friends in 2007, Tim Penrose with a background in hospitality and leisure, and Alex Welby, who has had a lifetime dealing with and restoring boats - he owned his first one when he was 8!

Tim owned a narrowboat and casually lent it to friends. Alex had known Tim for a number of years and had even used this boat himself. After a bit of talking and another boat bought Escape the Rat Race was born! Now, while still friends, Alex runs the company and Tim has left to concentrate on his many other business interests. Escape the Rat Race has grown and now has its own dedicated staff.

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